Our breeding

Riccardo di Carlo and Barbara Cocco

We introduce ourselves , we are Riccardo Di Carlo and Barbara Cocco , both Veterinarians with an unbridled passion for dogs . I, Riccardo Di Carlo,am Specialist Judge FCI for American Cocker Spaniel and several other breeds of the eight group ( Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs ) .Our breeding was born in 1994 with the first tricolor American Cocker Spaniel that begun to give us the first show wins. Subsequently our attention has been focused on American Cockers solid in color (black, buff, black and tan, chocolate). Therefore we have imported some dogs from the Truly Yours Kennel (Denmark) and we will not never stop to be thankful to Charlotte Hansen because she has given us some wonderful subjects of American bloodline. In the 1997 we've started with the first Westie, but has been of fundamental importance a little after meeting one great breeder, that subsequently become our great friend: Lorena Lotzniker (della Riva d'Arno Kennel).

The collaboration with her has bring dogs of great value in our breeding and we are really satisfied of the dogs today present in our house. In 2001 the FCI has given us the official prefix "SPECIAL BLEND" for our kennel, and this name has been chosed because we believe that it represents at best the mix of two breeds so full of life and energy. We take care personally of our dogs. Each breeding is planned with the goal to obtain dogs qualitatively always better generation after generation. We are doing our best for having good show dogs, with great temperament and a good disposition to family life, always with an eye to the health avoiding all the genetically trasmissible diseases. We do not breed very often and we have very few litters each year because we think that the quality doesn't comes with quantity. Our dogs live in close contact with us and we take care ourselves personally of their grooming and their handling. We believe that the dogs should be really very well groomed and handled ,and the show game must be for them a nice and funny moment to share with us. In the end we wish to welcome you to visit our website and to contact us by telephone or through email for enquiries and eventually some more infos. Riccardo Di Carlo and Barbara Cocco.

Riccardo di Carlo & Barbara Cocco